Canary Brilliants 1 Root


Canary Brilliants 1 Root

Variety: ItohPeony

*Half peony half tree

Size of Root: Large 3-5 eye root

Height: 3-4 feet

Blooms: May-Jun/part to full sun

Can grow: in full sun

NON Fragrant

USA Grown

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To plant your bare root peony:

Prepare soil to at least 12-14 inches deep.

  • Space roots 3 to 4 feet apart.
  • Keep roots away from competing shrub roots.
  • Plant in full/part sun well drained locations, eyes facing upward.
  • Cover eyes with 1-1 ½ inches of soil
  • Lightly fertilize in early spring (low nitrogen) mixture.
  • After your peony is bloomed out remove dead flowers and, lightly fertilize.

When cutting Peonies for cut flower, cut in the early morning to keep the insect out.  Ants like them when they heat up because they have lots of sugar, and a sweet fragrance. Roots should be planted in part or full sun area in your garden.

Click on this link for more in-depth planting instructions: here



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