White Planet 2 Pack


White Planet 2 Pack

Type: Trumpet

Bulb Size: 16+

Height: 4-6 feet

Blooming time: July/August

Where to grow: full sun

Grows well in zones: 5-9

Very Fragrant

Quantity: 2 bulbs per pack

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Planting instructions:

Because Lily bulbs are never completely dormant you should plant them within 2-3 weeks upon arrival.

Before planting: you can keep them for 2-3 weeks in the early spring by keeping them in a cool dark place and making sure that the bulbs are in the original package so they do not dry out.

Lily  bulbs can either be planted in the Spring or Fall depending on when they are shipped to you.

  • Plant the bulbs so you have about 3-4 inches of soil on top of the bulb.
  • When placing the bulbs in the soil, place the roots facing down and the pointy side up
  • Plant the bulbs 8-18 inches apart
  • Make sure the bulbs are planted in well drained soil, or if the soil is heavier, plant them with a mound of soil on top
  • Water them right away after planting
  • A slow release fertilizer is recommended to incorporate at time of planting or after

After the lilies are done blooming, leave the green leftover plant intact so bulbs can grow bigger for the following year with more flowers.

Around mid to late October remove dead stems to ensure a great plant for the following year.

Click on this link for more in depth planting instructions: here


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